Tokyo Milk ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Lip Balm Review

Tokyo Milk Lip Balm - Tokyo Milk ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Review

My sister was lucky enough to have a makeup friendly Secret Santa that surprised her with this Tokyo Milk lip balm in the flavor ‘Let Them Eat Cake’.  My sister was also lovely enough to pass this on to me since she knows how much I love lip balms! I’ve heard lots of good things about Tokyo Milk company, especially about their unique fragrances which Sephora has started carrying very recently.  This specific Tokyo Milk flavor ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ has traces of French vanilla, shredded coconut and a hint of cocoa and ingredients include sunflower seed oil, beeswax, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and shea butter - can you say yummy (but just in case, don’t eat this hehe). There is 0.22 oz of product and you can find these balms and more products from Tokyo Milk online at or on Sephora’s website.

We both reviewed the product below, so what did we think - prepare for the battle of the sister balms everyone!

Tokyo Milk Balm (with a French theme, how adorable)
Small and beautiful packaging (dreaming of being a French queen ahem)
 Miranda’s Notes
First, the packaging of the Tokyo Milk lip balm feels very luxe and has a ton of glitter on the box (and who doesn’t love glitter).  The French theme is throughout with quotes from Coco Chanel, Marie Antoinette, and French kissing tips.  Second, the lip balm feels soft on the lips and is highly effective.  Lips feel smooth with just a touch of glossy, and the balm has a subtle smell of vanilla and rice krispie treats.  If you are sensitive to scents, keep in mind that the scent lasts for a longer time unlike other lip balms.  For the low price of the balm, combined with the luxurious packaging and French accents, I am happy I discovered this Tokyo Milk product and would definitely recommend it as a gift for someone or treat for yourself. 
The only issue with the Let Them Eat Cake Tokyo Milk product is that you have to dip your hands in the pot and this can be unsanitary if you do not wash your hands.  Despite this problem, I am giving this item a high grade because I keep it on my nightstand and apply right before bed - I get that French boudoir feel when I sit down and apply (which is a stark difference to my running around town and one handedly applying lip balm from a tube in a hurry while balancing my purse and heavy casebooks).  In fact, the little glass holder and the detailed cap are quite perfect for treating your lips to a vanilla treat. 
Balm is soft, moisturizing, and vanilla scented
The size is on the smaller side, making it a bit cumbersome to pick up product with your fingers
Mackenzie’s Notes
I received this little balm as a Secret Santa gift and I was so enamored by its lovely packaging! So the packaging is definitely a great bonus to this product. The kissing ‘tips’ were very cute (throwback to high school anyone?) and the pamphlet included with the separate ingredients was a nice touch. I enjoyed the light, non waxy formula of the balm; I also like lighter balms that don’t sit on the lips, but go deeper to moisturize.  The balm smells nice, I could definitely pick up a vanilla and coconut scent. This Tokyo Milk balm moisturized my lips for about 3 hours or so, but it didn’t dry them out further when it went away.
The light formula was nice once applied, but it was unhygienic and difficult picking it up from the container; you kind of had to smooth and melt it with your fingertips first.  Again, this was a hygiene concern and just simply not a very efficient way for me to apply lip balm on the go.  Also the little pot is made of glass, kind of heavy and I’m afraid it might break in my purse. The Tokyo Milk balm tastes a little strange too, and there is no SPF protection included.  Aside the pretty packaging and the yummy smell, for $10 dollars, this balm was kind of average in my opinion.
Cute quote on the package
Tokyo Milk Balm Ingredients…and tips on kissing, because why not? 
Bon Bon Lip Balm - Tokyo Milk with glitter packaging 

Reader’s Recommendations: Have you tried anything else from the Tokyo Milk brand? Have you tried this specific lip balm and what were your thoughts on it? Let us know, we’ve been eyeing their fragrances!

Stay Pretty, Miranda and Mackenzie M. 

  • PrettyGloss

    This is so cute! I would love to have one.

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  • Kristin @ Haute Talk

    Beautiful! I love Tokyo Milk fragrances. Honey & the Moon is my favorite, and Sugar Sugar is quite lovely, too. I’ve been meaning to review some of their ‘Dark’ fragrance line for the site!

    Will have to try the lip balms soon. :)

  • Hollie Grace

    Wow I love the packaging! :) so cute

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    This sounds amazing! The packaging is gorgeous, i have a ridiculous amount of lip balm!

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    OMG the packaging is sooooo cute!! I’d pay the price only for the packaging.. lol ^^
    my current fave lip butter is korres lip butter in pomegranate and plum :))
    Just stumbled upon your blog and I loooooove it so much!!

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    I really need to try this but I never get around to buying it, although I’m not sure you can even get it here in the UK :(

    I found your blog via the #bbloggers blog hop and I’m so glad I did, it’s such a good read, you now have a new follower!

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    The packaging is fab! Lovely post x

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    Never heard of this before. Sounds amazing though and I love the packaging x

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    I need this in my life!
    Even if its just for the packaging 😛



  • Leah

    I’m always talking about how much of a sucker I am for packaging, and this is making my little heart beat faster. I certainly agree with you both, that packaging is amazingly adorable.

    I foresee a Tokyo Milk purchase in my future, even though I’m also the anti-potted lip balm type.

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    I want one!