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Gift Guide for Men - Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys
As we were preparing for some wonderful holiday shopping extravaganza online, we decided to ask our boyfriends what they would want for Christmas.  With an assignment on hand, my sister and I both made sure A. and L. picked gifts for the guys and gave us the links.  Everything you read about below was picked by our boyfriends - behold, the holiday gift ideas for guys from guys.

Mackenzie’s Boyfriend Gift Picks:

Here are a few things my boyfriend would like to have under the Christmas tree! He is an athletic, mid 20’s old guy with an interest in engineering (and all things techy) with a classic and casual sense of fashion.  His choices range from affordable gifts to more pricey indulgences, so you can get a wide array of ideas on what guys are into these days and what they would love to receive.  I guess socks as a gift never really go out of style!

1.  Socks are a great gift since they are very useful for everyday and also a great little way for guys to accessorize and spruce up their look.  Think indigo sweater, black jeans and maybe a maroon sock, or an all black outfit with a slight contrast in neutrals and texture in a peppered warm beige sock.  Uniqlo has a great selection at an affordable price, 4 for $9.90, available on their website or in their stores.

2. Reading up on this thermos, I understand why he chose it: vacuum insulation for maxium temperature retention (24 hours), unbreakable stainless steel interior keeps bottle cool to the touch for hot liquids and sweat proof for cold, and has a lid that can double up as a cup.  This is a sleek and very useful thermos for the working man; a great thing to invest in.  Purchase it online for approximately $20.

3.   I was surprised by this choice, but I guess even guys can’t resist a gourmet marshmallow! These are great gifts since they are special and a nice little luxurious treat.  With flavors ranging from Honey Pear to Bourbon and Guinness and affordable at 16 pieces for $7.50, these are a lovely and surprising treat instead of chocolate. You can purchase them on their website.

4. The Roku is a new technology that allows you to stream movies and shows via internet connection. What’s best, is that this model is also a projector at the same time, allowing you to view your entertainment on a large scale, anywhere you want (yes even in the car).  You can find it online for $299.99.

5.  J Crew teamed up with Timex to design this cool, vintage 1940’s military watch which melds traditional elements and modern materials.  At $140.00, your beloved would get effortless style and a great quality product that will last a long time and would be a great accessory to any outfit. You can purchase this online  or in a J Crew store.

6.  For an athletic guy, any sort of active experience is going to be an enjoyable one, and a gift card to an athletic club is a great idea.  My boyfriend loves rock climbing at an indoor gym since he can go with his friends, and get a great workout in while having fun and being competitive with his friends. Brooklyn Boulders (a rock climbing gym in Brooklyn, New York) offers a three month membership, that can be purchased online or in store.

Miranda’s Boyfriend Gift Picks: 

My boyfriend is a big fan of sleek gadgets, clean lines, and handmade products.  He is a big supporter of smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, so for this gift guide, he chose all American-made products.  He included a wide range of prices but for the higher end products, the materials are high quality and the high craftsmanship is guaranteed.

1. His first pick was the Classic Pomade by Imperial Barber which can be purchased through the online store.  The pomade works on all hair styles and the customer service has been great - in fact, the purchase comes with a hand signed card from the owners and a free comb.  This is my boyfriend’s go to product every morning, and although I may not know a lot about manly products, my boyfriend looks  quite good (if I say so myself) and that gets my approval.

2. Ties are a classic gift for a reason - a good tie goes well with a suit as well as on a night out.  My boyfriend picked the Misty Blue Wool Donegal Necktie - General Knot & Co., sold here, because of the texture and donegal flecks range. While this tie is more expensive, it is a long lasting, always in style item (putting in girl terms, think, red lip classic that looks great on everyone and with every occasion). 

3. The third pick I am not surprised by because we absolutely love coffee.  Coffee is the first thing we do in the morning and we focus on buying local grown beans as well as all types of coffee accessories.  The Camano Coffee Mill from Red Rooster is a family made fully adjustable conical burr coffee grinder that makes approximately 4 to 5 cups of coffee.   I used to think that no one would use something like a coffee grinder, but after buying one and seeing how easy and fast it is to use, I realize the difference it makes in quality of the brew.  The beans smell wonderful, are fresh, and are refined unlike the burnt taste of stale coffee from coffee shops.  I could go on forever (since I love coffee!) but if you or your loved one are coffee addicts, this is a great investment. 

4. The fourth pick is a bit more puzzling because I don’t understand carrying a knife but at the same time, who am I to speak, I carry about 5 lip balms and 4 lip glosses in my purse.  There are a ton of pocket knives on the market, but my boyfriend picked the Barlow Knife from Best Made Company, sold here, for its clean lines, sturdy materials, and simple design. You should check out the description of this item…the moral of this story is, yes, every guy wants a pocket knife.  

5. The last item is the Everyday-Carry Kit, sold by Kaufmann Mercantile - this online store is a favorite of my boyfriend’s because of the durability of the items and the classic design.  The EDC Kit weighs very little and comes with a pry bar, screwdrivers, precision tweezers, waterproof lighter, and a titanium key ring.  Why would a guy want all these items? Well, I’m not exactly sure but my boyfriend picked it so it must have an appeal for everyday tasks. 

So there you have it, our boyfriends’ picks for the Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys.  There are definitely some surprises on the list for both of us, but holiday shopping just got easier.

Reader Recommendations: Any other ideas you have for presents for your manly loved ones? Let us know, we always need inspiration for guy gift ideas.


  • John Decker

    This is a great article. I really like the gift ideas for men that are posted above. I find shopping for men a lot easier then girls. You can always get a guy a shirt or a belt and they would be happy. However, girls are a little more difficult. Every year I have a hard time shopping for my daughter. She is at that age that she likes clothes and dresses. My wife is trying to find appropriate Sexy Dresses she can wear out to parties and on dates and such. She also really likes shoes and other clothing accessories.

  • Sofie Akinshina

    Nice blog, Awesome ideas thank you!

  • Sofie Akinshina

    Nice blog, Awesome ideas thank you!

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    OMG #5 on Miranda’s list-my boyfriend would LOVE that! Must order now! Thanks for this post girls =).

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  • Rebecca

    My BF would love that keyring, he’s such a little handyman.

    A cheeky plug for my Australian beauty box giveaway.

  • G A B Y

    Ahahah how funny that you mentioned socks since my mother didn’t know what to buy my boyfriend’s and my brothers so she went shopping yesterday and bought TONS! I always think it’s so hard to please boys, unlike us ladies, how are happy with makeup and jewellry…

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  • reiadm

    You both have some classy boyfriends! I think the pocket knife is a “guy” thing. My dad always had his pocket knife with him and it’s one of my fondest memories of him. Thanks for the great gift ideas and for reminding me of my dad & his pocket knife. Reia from

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    I love the tie - I would wear that! The carry kit is right up my boyfriends street - as an engineer its pretty much perfect!