OMG Nail Strips ‘Plaid’ Nail Foils Art

Mackenzie’s Notes
OMG Nail Strips - Nail Foil in ‘Red Plaid’ pattern
“ has one simple goal, bringing the latest styles and trends in nail art and making them into an easy to apply nail strip. Inspired by larger companies that charge customers $8-$20 per set and have a limited selection of designs, the creators of OMG Nail Polish Strips decided to create an affordable alternative to expensive these nail polish strips.
I’ve been wanting to incorporate some more nail art in my daily manicures and I was so happy to receive these plaid nail foils to try out from OMG Nails whose tag line is “Extend fashion to your fingernails”.  These plaid foils were just that, and I’ve always loved red plaid, perfect for the holidays and a big edgy at the same time.  Since I’ve been wearing so much polish on my hands, such a manicure is a nice way of ‘detoxing’ your nails while still having a fabulous manicure.  Also, it was amazing doing a manicure and using my hands immediately without fear of smudging or ruining them.  I decided to try out the plaid foils but they also have carry nail polish strips and other many cute patterns (over 40 designs).  There are other Christmassy patterns, such as snowflake and elaborate festive patterns, as well as other floral designs, animal print patterns, American and British flags and other decorative patterns such as stars, hearts, etc. Each set retails for $4.29 on their website.
I’ve never tried nail foil stickers before using these but I’m so glad I got the opportunity to create a fun manicure with the ones I received. I hope you enjoy the look I came up with and that you try it with other stickers or your own nail art! I will include a tutorial on how to apply the stickers and an overall product review. 
Such a fun pattern
Finished look - festive and perfect for the Holidays
Close up of nail foils. Very shiny and great resolution pattern aka no visible pixels!

Pros:  Great quality sticker image! Even though this was a very detailed pattern there were no visible pixels and the image was perfectly clear.  The selection of their patterns is extensive and versatile spanning more elegant to more fun looks.  I love simple packaging (ahem look at Nars) and it was refreshing to see a nail sticker company and packaging that kept their design simple and classy; the paper used for the packing was good quality, felt luxe to the touch and wasn’t wasteful in its elaborateness.  Don’t know if this packaging is the final version, but I really hope they keep their design nice and clean like the package I’ve received; I think girls and ladies are steered away from nail foils by tacky packaging, even though nail foils are a lovely alternative to salon manicures! The price is great, and you can really use the stickers for several manicures. I enjoy that there are extras included since I needed to redo one nail.  The foils fit my nail beds very well, but I do wish they included on more extra set for the smallest nail foil (there’s only 2 very small foils while there are lots of medium sized extra foils).  The foils are very shiny and you don’t even need a top coat.  The glue was very strong and the sticker stayed adhered on for a three days before I removed it; it removed pretty easy with no damage to the nail or any residue left over. With these retailing at around 4 dollars, the price is pretty unbeatable, compared to other companies such as Sally Hansen (which are around $11 yikes).  While the Sally Hansen ones come with a nail file and an orange stick, these OMGNails don’t, and I appreciate that instead of including two 50 cent things and hiking up the price, they kept them out and kept them affordable.

Cons: I wish they would have included some more information on the application of the nails, such as a flyer with further instructions and images in the package.  I also wish they would have lasted longer on me, since they claim to last up to 10 days and they only lasted 3 days; the tip wore off from wear pretty badly from wear.  Since one of the smallest stickers got stuck to some paper and got ruined, I think having an additional pair of extras for the smallest size would be helpful.
Grade: 4/5

Nail Foils/Stickers Application Tutorial

1.  Select the correct size for the finger you will be working on; I placed my finger under the clear plastic to see which foil fits best.  Make sure your nails are clean, prepped and shaped to your liking; I put nail polish remover on my nails right before application to make sure there were no residual oils on the nails, so the stickers and glue would adhere better!
2.  Carefully peel the nail sticker and gently place it on top of your nail.  Don’t press it down yet! Make sure the sticker is centered and straight (not crooked).
3.  Using scissors, cut off the excess of foil about 1/8 in from the tip of your nail.  Don’t trim it too close to the the nail because you will need to hold on to it to stretch the nail.  I saved this excess and used it to cut myself tips!

4.  Using an orange stick (or another flat tool) press down the sticker in one bottom corner only (I started on the left corner).
5.  Using your fingers, stretch your sticker up and under to ensure that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles. If you pressed down the Left corner, stretch the foil by picking up the Right top corner; so you’re working diagonally and across the nail (left, right and bottom, top).
6. It should be nice and taught.

7.  Repeat on the other side. Here I am pressing down the Right bottom corner.
6.  I am pulling the Left top corner and stretching the sticker up and over.
8.  Using an orange stick or a flat tool, press down your nail foil and remove any wrinkles you might have. You can also use hot air from a hair dryer to relax the vinyl sticker and then press out any stubborn wrinkles.

10.  After you’ve pressed the foil on the nail, try to pull back the excess at the top.
11.  Using a nail file, remove that excess.  Be careful to use the file perpendicular to the top of the nail and not slanted because you will ruin the pattern at the tips.
12.  Voila! Finished plaid nail foil.  I applied topcoat over the nails with the foil tips to create a more seamless look in the nail. 
The two fingers with the tips make this manicure not too busy, while still incorporating the plaid on all nails
A successful nail art look, wore this to work and got many compliments!

Reader’s Recommendations:  Have you tried any nail foil stickers, and what was your opinion on them (were they easy to apply and how long did they last on you)? Do you incorporate them in your manicures often? Have you tried this specific brand and what did you think? As always, curious, curious, curious!

Disclosure: product sent for consideration, opinions are all our own.  

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    They turned out pretty great. I’ve heard the wear time on the Sally Hansen ones are about a week and they are more expensive because it’s actually nail polish, not a foil coated pattern. The affordability on the OMG nail foils is amazing though. I’d buy a whole bunch of patterns at that rate lol.




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