Kat Von D True Romance ‘Saint’ Palette: Review and Swatches

Mackenzie’s Notes
I’ve been wanting to invest in a good, natural eyeshadow palette for everyday, and despite all the raves about  Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, I wanted an array of eyeshadows with more versatile finishes. I settled upon this eyeshadow palette since I liked the colors as I swatched them and their quality, and Kat Von D‘s makeup line has had great reviews and success.  The company describes the eye shadow formulation as being infused with rose extract for excellent hydrating properties and to help eyelids stay soft and moisturized; I definitely agree with this since the formulation is great, light to the touch but pigmented. This particular palette is part of her newer True Romance series which in addition to the ‘Saint’ palette includes ‘Poetica’ (neutrals and purples) and ‘Sinner’ (dramatic silvers and purples).  This palette includes 8 eyeshadows (.05 oz each) and a black eyeliner pencil (.028 oz).  You can purchase this palette in store at Sephora or online for $36.
I will have an overall review on the product, a description of each eyeshadow included and a sample look I created using this palette. Hope you enjoy and find it useful!
The palette is made out of metal, embossed with a pretty tattoo like rose pattern on the top cover
‘Saint’ includes 8 nicely curated shadows and a great quality mini ‘Autograph’ Pencil

Pros:  The colors swatch beautifully and I love the versatile array of colors.  I usually go for a matte crease color and ‘Caravaggio‘ is great, while the light pink shade is one my favorite colors in the palette.  The formulation is great, you don’t need a lot of product, very smooth and light texture instead of buttery, and there is no fall out; they really do feel moisturizing due to the rose water ingredient.  They also blend out great and you can achieve beautiful looks by using only this palette (my biggest gripe with the Naked palette is how many metallic shades they included). If you are fair, you can use a lot of the lighter colors (first 6 of this palette) as medium shades for lots of looks, versus having many dark browns and greys that you’ll seldom wear.  The Autograph eyeliner pencil included is great, it was a lovely surprise! It’s very dark black and pigmented, shows up on the eyelid in one swipe without pressing it on.  It’s also great for smudging and smokey eye looks; I think the eyeliner became a favorite and I might purchase it full size soon!  I enjoy the fact that this palette is on the smaller size and fits easily in the palm of my hand, compared to the Naked which is pretty large in comparison.  The original paper envelope and the idea and vision for the packaging is lovely and cohesive and since I am a fan of Kat Von D, I enjoy that aspect very much.

Cons:  While the colors are great, they don’t really show up on my light/medium warm skin tone; this is probably my biggest issue when it comes to this palette.  The colors swatched beautifully but they don’t show up the same intensity on my eyelids.  This palette array would look great on someone with a fairer skin tone.  The packaging feels a bit flimsy because of the metal case and I find myself being very careful with it. Also the fact that the spring opens the case so suddenly and completely flat is unfortunate.  The price is relatively fair to what you get in this palette, but if you won’t use this a lot I recommend investing in Urban Decay’s Naked palette which gets you a better deal for your money (once you consider ounces, shade options and price).

Grade: 3.9 / 5

(L) Beautiful and interesting envelope packaging (R) The palette to scale, about a palm’s length; great for travel and everyday use
A spring system opens the palette quickly and lays it out flat; you can keep it open halfway with your hands to use the mirror
 One Swatch on primer: (L) Heavens, Enjoy the Silence, <3, Downtown, Sunny, Pray for Me, Bookworm, Caravaggio (R)
(L) Heavens, Enjoy the Silence, <3, Downtown (R)

1.  Heavens - Described as a ‘pearlized/metallic vanilla’, good for inner eye corner since it is a bright and shimmery warm white.
2.  Enjoy the Silence - Described as a ‘pearlized/metallic buttercream’ this is another highlight color. I was hoping for it to be a medium tone champagne, but it isn’t that.
3.  <3 (Heart) - Described as ‘soft pink with sparkle’, this shade caught my eye and I think it’s so pretty! It’s a matte light pink with lovely silver sparkle; the pink barely shows up on my eyes but the sparkle shows up well.  I wish this color would show up more because I think it’s great for winter.
4.  Downtown - This is a pearlized/metallic copper penny color leaning towards red, and it’s a medium darkness shade.

(L) Sunny, Pray for Me, Bookworm, Caravaggio (R)

5.  Sunny - Described as a ‘pearlized/metallic gold’, good for inner eye corner or pop of color on the lid.  It doesn’t necessarily read or show up as a true bold gold on my skin tone, it’s a bit washed out on.
6.  Pray for Me - Described as a ‘pearlized/metallic taupe’, a good medium/dark shade for crease color or lid color depending on how dramatic your look is.
7.  Bookworm - This is a warmer brown than ‘Caravaggio’ and it’s mostly a matte base with some gold shimmer specks sprinkled in. Good as a crease color.
8. Caravaggio -Described as a ‘dark matte brown’, this is a cooler brown than ‘Bookworm’ leaning towards grey than red. Used this color a lot as a crease color too.
9.  Autograph Eyeliner Pencil - Dark black color, very pigmented and smooth formulation.

‘Autograph’ Eyeliner Pencil: straight line and blended out; the pencil is very black, great for smudging and smokey eye looks
I used Heavens, Enjoy the Silence, Pray for Me, Caravaggio and Autograph pencil to line my eyes for an everyday  look
Beautiful and versatile arrangement of colors and finishes in the ‘Saint’ palette

Reader’s Recommendations: 
Have you tried this palette and what did you think of it? Would love to see some looks you came up, leave some links! Do you recommend I try anything else from the Kat Von D line, I always stop by her section in Sephora!

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    Love the gold and copper tones, and it looks great on your eyes xx

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    ooh this looks really nice, shame we dont have kat von d here in the uk

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    Oh god I hated this. The rose gold color, and gold color turned an unattractive shade of orange on my skin. It was horrible! The shadows are super powdery. yuck!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08062655692041427179 K.

    These are beautiful colors, but honestly, for the price, you might as well spring the extra $10 for a Naked palette which has gotten better reviews. Thank you so much for the review! xoxo

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12866346322842895485 Keyti Villanueva

    great look,
    the quality of the
    shadows are also superb.


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    Haven’t tried this specific palette but just bought a Kat Von D quad and was quite pleased with it x

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    This looks so pretty. I’m very fair so I’m definately going to check this out

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    Such a great review I’ve heard so much about Kat Von Dee’s products yet never seen any,
    Such great colours so wearable and pigmented!


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