Birchbox Review - Welcome Birchbox

Birchbox Review - Welcome Birchbox Review and Products

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I celebrated our nine-year anniversary (how the time passes).  We ended up going to the Jose Andres Zaytinya restaurant that serves Mediterranean inspired tapas.  The food was delicious, the drinks were fancy and colorful, and we had an awesome time, even if we were both busy and had to work the next day.

Halfway through dinner, my boyfriend handed me an adorable card and said that was my present - to my surprise  there was a folded paper that said “Congratulations, you just received Birchbox as a gift.” And…that’s how I started my Birchbox subscription.  My boyfriend overhead my discussions with my sister (shout out here for Mackenzie!), and decided to gift me a year Birchbox subscription. You can find out more about the specifics of the program on the main site, but Birchbox is a monthly subscription where for 10$ USD, you receive four to five deluxe and mini beauty samples as well as other lifestyle goodies like chocolate bars, hair ties, and makeup bags.

I always enjoy reading posts that review boxes so am excited to finally try more products and let you know what I receive.  Keep in mind, this was my introductory Birchbox, the Welcome Birchbox, so my products may differ from others.

Welcome Birchbox: Color Club Polish, Mox Botanicals Lip Butter, Hair Tie, Nick Chavez Advanced Volume Shampoo, Harvey Club Perfume, and Tili bag (see the card for description below)
Color Club: Put a Pin in It

The Color Club polish in the “Put a Pin in It” is a rose gold metallic color that applies easily and becomes opaque in two applications.  I am not really a fan of metallic polishes because it looks strange with my skin tone, but this Color Club polish is pretty enough for the holidays with all the golden glitter speckles.  Plus, the adorable mini size swayed me.

Mox Botanicals: Pomegranate and Fig Lip Butter

This Mox Botanicals lip butter was my favorite out of the box.  I love lip balm, and especially love natural, chemicals-free lip balm.  As a side note, my boyfriend and I were looking at Christmas gift ideas and we decided to focus on buying United States made products and smaller business products.  When I saw that this was a Portland, Oregon item I was more than happy - in fact, I may consider buying some stocking stuffers for my mom and sister from Mox Botanicals.  The balm is very rich, not waxy at all, absorbs into the lips, and lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours - so far, I am a happy camper and have been carrying this in my purse these past days.  My only concern with the product is that to apply, you have to dip your fingers in the pot and may not be sanitary, but keep in mind to always wash your hands (it’s a good idea all around).

Twistband hair tie, Nick Chavez Volume Shampoo, and Tili Bag

The other products included in my Welcome Birchbox were a twisband hair tie, a volumizing shampoo, and a Tili makeup bag.  I like the twist band hair tie because I always lose mine in the abyss but wish it was a more…normal color.  I haven’t tried the Nick Chavez Volume Shampoo yet but this larger sized product smelled fresh and it had a thick texture - I am excited to try it because I can never have too much volume.  The lifestyle extra product included in my Birchbox was a Ziploc type makeup bag - I am currently using it to store some of the packaged samples.

Overall, I enjoyed my Welcome Birchbox and thought that the introductory Birchbox was well balanced with beauty and non-beauty items.  As a note, things I’d love to receive through the Birchbox subscription include some mascaras (need more!), beneficial skin/hair oils, and Essies (as many Essies as there can be!).

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

  • WyoSparkles

    ohh the lip butter looks awesome! AND they changed their boxes…how cute! We cancelled ours….too many subscriptions and BB wasn’t impressing either of us.

    Oh and we LOVE color club! AND that colors looks amazing!

  • Mandy @makemeupmandy

    Hey lovely! Thanks for supporting my blog and helping me get my nice even number Your blog looks fantastic and I wish I had found it earlier! Its interesting too to see the different products available in the US (I’m in Australia) xx

  • Jade

    lovely box! lip butter looks fab!

  • Keyti Villanueva

    it came with a pretty box.
    and the products are good.


  • -Kinsi-

    I love my Birchbox. I’ve been getting them for at least 6 or 7 months now, and imo they get better and better. I’ve received several FULL SIZED products in mine (usually Stila) and a few Luna bars (yum!). It’s a fun surprise every month. I figured $10 isn’t much of a splurge over a month’s time, especially when you find one of the full-sized goodies (read: mascara, bronzer, eyeliner, etc.).

  • Ash

    Nice box. I have gotten the Mox (Love!) Mine is almost gone and I need more. It is my favorite, with the exception of dipping my finger into it.

  • Marina Blissious

    Cute box, I’ve never had BirchBox, I think they don’t post to the UK?