NOTW - Pink and Glitter Nails Revlon

Revlon Passionate Pink Colorstay Enamel 050

Revlon Radiant Nail Enamel 441
Bright colors and glitter Revlon Passionate Pink 

During the past weekend, the weather was very rainy and I had a lot of homework to catch up on - I wanted to change my nail color in order to brighten my mood … and just generally procrastinate.  I’m realizing I have a lot of Revlon colors in my collection and many are bright tones, but from time to time, I find myself wanting to re-try the summer colors.

Miranda’s Notes: 

Pros:  Revlon’s most recent formulas have been absolutely great. I love the color variety, the quick dry formula, the shine, and the fact that it is long lasting.  The Revlon Passionate Pink has been on about five days and there are no chips.  And of course, the Revlon Radiant glitter has been on and will be on for the rest of time - seriously, how hard is it to remove glitter nail polish?

When applying, the formula was not runny or overly patchy so two coats created the perfect opaque look.  In the pictures, I am not wearing any kind of top coat, so the shine is all from the Revlon polish. This line has the “salon brush” which means it’s wider and thicker - I recommend trying it because it makes applying polish so much easier (on the left hand too hehe).

Cons:  I know already that the Revlon Radiant glitter polish will take forever to remove - I usually end up using half of my nail polish remover bottle just for one nail.  And then, there’s speckles of glitter everywhere sigh…

Grade: 5/5

Product is easy to carry and comes with the salon-type brush which is wider and thicker
Glitter accent nail Revlon Radiant

Inspiration colors - whimsical, complementary accents 
Colors for a gloomy day :)

  • bellezakisses

    Those colors look great together!! Love that blue

  • Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl

    This is pretty!
    Love your blog. Now following.

  • Jasmine Mascarenhas

    Both polishes are gorgeous, they look good together!


  • Lusty For Lacquer

    I’m loving the color conbo. Do you use the foil method to reove your glitter?

    • Miranda M.

      I just use a soaked cotton ball and leave it on for a bit, then scrub away it’s the fastest way

  • Chantel

    Nice nail polishes! I love the glitter, it’s gorgeous =)

    • Miranda M.


  • Megan

    The glitter colour is gorgeous! Been wanting something like that x

    • Miranda M.

      if you could find it, I recommend it it’s affordable and great quality

  • TheImperfectBeauty

    In love with this combo!!

    • Miranda M.


  • Sandy

    That green looks wonderful. I feel your pain though when it comes to removing it! xx

    • Miranda M.

      haha it’s the bane of existence for nails