NOTW OPI ‘Skyfall’ - Skyfall Holiday collection 2012

Mackenzie’s Notes

The new 2012 holiday OPI collection Skyfall has recently been released to celebrate 50 years of James Bond and the upcoming Skyfall movie (to be released November 7) and I couldn’t wait to try on some of the shades! This new collection has very opulent, deep rich colors, perfect for the holidays; you will find two cremes, a metallic, four glitters and some shimmery shades.  This collection seems to cover lots of finishes and I appreciate that! But if you’re a gal that sticks to light or sheer naturals, this collection might not be for you. These polishes retail for $8.50 (0.5 oz) at some drugstores, beauty stores and online.

It’s a deep maroon color with red undertones, so beautiful!

 The color I chose is called ‘Skyfall’ and to be honest it was a nice relief to not have to spell or say ‘Dusseldorf’, ‘Knockwurst’, ‘Nein Nein’ when looking for this color and blogging about it. On to the formula, it’s great as usual for Opi, but it might seem a little bit runnier than your ideal creme finish and could streak, so you have to be careful with it when applying. At the same time I enjoy the fact that is sheerer than it looks because it keeps that deep rich red color instead of turning into black with two coats. This color is a creme finish and is a dark maroon, red based with some brown and black undertones.  This color would look great on many skin tones and is great for the Oxblood trend that’s so popular these days. I hope you enjoy and try this color, it’s so nice!

My best take on a Skyfall Bond agent! Relax, it’s only a belt buckle 😉
Oxblood color
This color looks great against metallic taupe colors like this clutch!

Reader’s Recommendations: Have you tried this color or this collection? What do you recommend I try next from the ‘Skyfall’ line? I love reading your recommendations!


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  • Kristal

    I have not tried this one but I am loving the deep burgany/wine color for fall. Great choice! New follower from the friends to followers blog party. Oh and I am doing a little giveaway that ends tonight, would love to have you visit!

    • Mackenzie M.

      Yes I love it every time I look down at my nails :) Thank you for following us excited to read more of your blog! and entered the giveaway, how cute!

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  • reiadm

    I really look forward to your posts! You do such a nice job explaining and modeling what you’re writing about. Thank you! Reia from

    • Mackenzie M.

      that is so very sweet of you, it means a LOT hearing that :) thank you yay now we will post more often 😉

      Stay pretty (and nice!) xo

  • Ms. Cathy

    Damn. That is a gorgeous nail polish! Well done! Takes a lot of skill to have no flaws too!

    Newest follower and excited to keep up with your posts :)

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    Cathy Trails

    • Mackenzie M.

      eekkk don’t judge me I actually got a manicure ahh I know it’s a no no on the blog community, but a girl’s gotta relax! But yes, Suzie shaped my nails like I’ve never had them done Love them too! thank you for following following you back and on twitter!

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  • Kelly Mckenny

    That is such a great colour - your nails are lovely too!
    And agree with the above comment about the creativity of the photos, looks lots of fun! x

    • Mackenzie M.

      aww thank you it really is fun :)

      Stay pretty xo

  • bellezakisses

    That’s such a pretty color!! BTW I’m loving the pics you took! So creative. :)

    • Mackenzie M.

      Thank you that’s so sweet of you! it’s all so much fun :) and we try to incorporate some accessory tips with the nail posts as well

      Stay pretty!