Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer

Mackenzie’s Notes
I just finished my old Neutrogena moisturizer and thought I might try a new product which the company put on the market this past July. I recently stumbled upon it at my local drugstore, where this product and the rest of the line are available.  Aside from the lotion, there is a facial cleanser, pore scrub, makeup removing cleanser, lip balm, body bar and night cream.  The lotion itself was around $15 for 3 fl oz (there is also a BOGO sale at Walgreens right now).
As I purchased this product, I also bought a Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle cream (with Retinol) to use at night as a ‘stronger’ product and knew that I would use a BB cream with SPF 15 and powder foundation with SPF 19 as part of my routine.
So here is what I was looking for in this cream in order to incorporate it into my daily routine: lots of moisture (emollient) without being too greasy or heavy, formula that would soak in under a minute (since I apply it before my makeup in the morning), no acne or wrinkle combatants but natural and gentle ingredients (so my eyes won’t sting!!), and a lot of product for a great value (to apply liberally without feeling guilty about my wallet). I know it’s a long list, but since I’ve been a Neutrogena fan for many years and trusted their products, I had faith that they might meet those needs. So how exactly did the Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer live up to its claims and my hopes?
My new daily moisturizer!
 This new skin care line is based on the idea of natural ingredients and a green mentality for the packaging and marketing of this product. These are some of the claims:
Lovely ingredients and great things for Neutrogena to live by with their Naturals line
 You can read up more on this product here, it is a very comprehensive and interactive site, and it’s 100% powered on nature (how cool is that)!
To show you the scale of the tube, a little shorter than my palm
Pros: I think that this is a great direction for a big cosmetic brand such as Neutrogena to be heading in - their green packaging, natural ingredients and lack of testing on animals is definitely a great thing and I applaud their decision to go that route.  The formula is light and has a whipped lotion consistency. It doesn’t feel greasy but is very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth afterwards; after 10 hours my skin is still moisturized and there are no dry patches.  A little goes a long way, since you need about 1 to 1.5 pea sized amounts to cover your face and neck area well. It absorbs into the skin at a great speed, staying emollient enough to be spread around and soaks in fast enough to apply your makeup right afterwards. The lotion has a mild-strong scent that reminds me of oatmeal and fruitloops (an organic, gentle and fruity fragrance), which I absolutely love! It makes the process of applying lotion a luxurious and enjoyable event for me, and the scent disappears in 5 minutes. The lotion is hydrating but gentle - my eyes don’t sting even though I put it right under my eyes, and there is no chemically taste left on my lips after applying (so many other products make my eyes sting, it’s a nightmare!). I haven’t broken out or had any sort of allergic reaction, even though I am acne prone and have oily/combination skin.  Last but not least, I enjoy the green packaging and absolutely adore the flip cap tube for its efficiency, ease of storage and hygienic dispensing of the product.
Cons: I still think that the price is too high for a moisturizing product and especially for the 3 fl oz amount you’re getting. Even though they claim 97% natural ingredients and lack of chemicals, there has been some questioning as to how truly natural this product is. While this doesn’t bother me since I appreciate the idea and trust the natural claim due to how the product wore, if you are very strict in your use of green products, I recommend you research their claims and ingredients a little further. For the winter months, I would use more product for more hydration and due to the small tube I feel I will go through it pretty fast!
Grade: 4.5/5
The consistency of the cream; medium consistency!
The cream is translucent and spreads easily
Easy and hygienic dispensing of product through flip cap tube; love this matte plastic packaging too!

Readers’ Recommendations: Have you tried this product or anything from the Neutrogena Naturals line? How did you like it and what are your thoughts on it? What do you use as a moisturizer? Let me know in the comments and thank you for reading!

  • JLynn

    For dry skin on your face check out Apothederm
    They have an amazing moisturizing cleanser and moisturizing cream. They work better than anything else I’ve tried.

  • Miranda M.

    I can’t wait to try this lotion! seems like you had a big wish list and this product delivered