Wednesday, November 21, 2020

Neutral, Natural Nails - L'Oreal Walk on the Beach and OPI Indigo

L'Oreal Colour Riche Polish Walk on the Beach 300
OPI Sehpora Indigo with the Flow 
Nails of the Week - L'Oreal Walk on the Beach and OPI Indi-go with the Flow 
This past weekend my friends and I decided to go out for dinner and drinks to celebrate the almost-there end of the semester.  The place we were going to was a mix between a lounge and cocktail party setup so I decided to wear my J.Crew tan purse.  Because the purse is so light colored and gets dirty easily, I don't get to use it that often but this was the perfect occasion. So this week's nails of the week (NOTW) was inspired by this natural, yet rich color.

My base color was L'Oreal Colour Riche Walk on the Beach (review here) and my accent nail was Sephora by OPI Indi-go with the Flow (perfect title for that whole night because we ended up getting multi-colored cocktails and singing karaoke).  The OPI Indi-go polish is a dusty purplish blue and hexagon shaped glitter polish.  As with glitter polish, the formula was thicker, applied easily, but took a bit longer to dry - so beware if you want to do your nails and head out immediately.

Overall, despite its basic-ness - not sure if  that's a word - the look felt fresh, clean, and sparkly... and I'm sure my J.Crew purse appreciated the love.
J.Crew Purse - inspiration colors 
Neutral, cool colors - detox for the nails 
Both polishes lasted several days (and the glitter lasted for a lifetime) 


  1. looks great! I love that pop of blue added to it!

  2. Such pretty colours! I adore the blue glittery nail as well, it blends so well with the rest of them! Lovely post!

    CHiBi-CHiC a petite fashion blog

  3. These are so cute! The Blue really stands out:) x

  4. They look great! Love both!

    Following you back from the blog hop!

  5. Your accent nail is amazing! Love the polish.

    Lela -

  6. Love it! Love the colors especially the one with glitters. I find it classy and elegant. I also love bluish colors.

  7. great combo!

    xo from nyc & the beautiful things

  8. these are gorge! Thanks for sending me your link on twitter! New follower :) xxxx


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