LUSH Oatifix Banana and Oat Mask - Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

Lush Oatifix Banana and Oat Mask - Oatifix Fresh Mask

Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask with oats, bananas, and ground almonds 

With winter in full swing, I decided to try a moisturizing, soothing mask from Lush.  I’m a bit of a mask newbie as I’ve only used one or two brands before and am not as well-versed, but I’ve heard great reviews of the Lush masks and took full advantage of Black Friday shopping.  The reason I don’t use masks that often is because of my sensitive skin and the various chemicals and strong agents found in mask ingredients.  In fact, when I was in Lush, I tried several of the other clay masks on my hand, and within a few minutes, my hand turned red and itchy and all kinds of funky.  So before you try out any face treatments fully, be sure to test it on a small patch to see if you have any reaction.

Oatifix must be refrigerated - in fact, shelf life is quite short so check the expiration 
Oatifix Fresh Mask natural (and yummy!) ingredients
Miranda’s Notes: 
Pros: When I purchased this, I was looking for a soothing, enriching, and exfoliating product that would give my skin a summer glow.  The mask definitely helped with complexion as it smoothed my skin and removed dirt and dry skin.  Because of the banana and vanilla ingredients, this Oatifix mask smells absolutely amazing, I can’t praise it enough.  You know how masks always have that strange earthy, muddy smell - well, that doesn’t apply to this product  and your skin will actually smell wonderfully even after washing your face. 
While application was a bit difficult because of the chunky oats, I could feel the mask sticking to my skin because of the oilier ingredients.  In the case of my dry, sensitive skin, that moisture was much needed but may be a bit overpowering for other skin types.  Overall, the exfoliation of the crushed almonds combined with the soothing banana, made my skin glow and feel hydrated. 

Cons:  Because I have super dry skin (this sounds like a useless super hero power), I would have liked more exfoliation.  Next time I use this mask, I  will use my cleanser first in order to exfoliate fully, and then apply the Oatifix. I also wish the mask applied better and smoothed better because I spent around ten minutes trying work the product and get it to stick in an even layer.  Depending on how much Oatifix you use, the tiny jar may not be enough for more than 4 or 5 applications so the price pay-off depends on your budget.  
Quick final advice, test the product on your hand, ensure that your skin can handle the rich moisture, and exfoliate before applying. As a starter mask, or a training-wheels mask for those not as familiar with face treatments, the Lush Oatifix Fresh Mask would be a great start. 
Grade: 4.2/5
Texture is soft with exfoliation qualities
Note the smaller size of the packaging (which means not as much product)

  • Natalie C

    Thanks for the review ! I just got myself a tub! Just didn’t expect it to be so tiny for its price :( oh wells hope it’s good :)

    • Pretty Squared

      I agree it is tiny but at the same time it’s not like one of those Sephora masks for $60+ haha it lasted me a few wears and I did use it once after the expiration date (meep!) it was fine haha

  • OPI Addict

    I haven’t tried this one, but I really love Lush’s Cupcake and Catastrophe Cosmetic :)
    I do hate that these have such a short shelf life, I feel like I have to rush through using them!

  • Tales of a pale face

    Great review. My current favourite mask is Ren’s F10 smooth and renew. It’s developed for sensitive skins, and mine is fine with it, but they are usually good with samples if you wanted to try before buying.

  • Dovey

    Hi Miranda, What a helpful review! I like the idea of an oat-mask; it sounds like it would do nice things for skin :)

  • Marvelle

    Oatifix is my FAV lush face mask :) I haven’t had one in a good few months though because i’m so cheap and only get one when i trade in 5 pots (haha!) but its getting to the point now where I NEED to get it back in my life :)

  • Chantel

    Nice review! I want to try this product.

  • Sandy

    I’ve heard lots of good things about the Lush masks too. This sounds like a great one for the winter, I guess the natural ingredients must make it harder to use though! xx

  • katrice

    My skin is also super dry and I never use masks, I’m thinking about trying this one out though. thanx for sharing!