American Apparel Nail Polish Haul

This past week American Apparel had a promotion that gave us the opportunity to try one free nail polish from their fall 2012 collection upon showing a promotion email sent by the company.  Even though I was pretty familiar with their clothing line I’ve never tried their nail polishes; I’ve heard plenty of good things about them and decided it was a good time to try some. Boy am I glad I did! I really love these polishes and I’m excited about doing my nails now more so than before. Maybe it’s the great packaging, the heavy glass, the great and unique color selection or just the awesome formula, but I’m very impressed. These polishes retail at $6 (0.5 fl oz) each, 3 for $15 or come in a 7 pack for $32 online or in store at American Apparel.  Their collection consists of metallics, neons, some original glitters, creme finishes, and most recently a sheer line which can be layered.  I can’t wait to get some other colors and play around with their sheer ones!

I purchased Meteor Shower, Mouse, Supernova, Lipstick, Poppy, Port, Passport Blue and Hunter.  I think these are great polishes and come at a good price.  I enjoy the packaging very much since it looks high end and is great for storing! The wand is thin and I like that since it allows me to be more precise.  Formula on these is great, opaque and perfect viscosity; they also dry extremely fast (under 10 seconds).

Each of the swatches below are two coats, and I will give more details on the application of each, so keep reading!

(L) Meteor Shower, Mouse, Supernova, Lipstick, Poppy, Port, Passport Blue, Hunter (R)
Such beautiful rectangular bottles! Lovely packaging for efficient storage

I love these so much that I picked up an extra one to give to you lovely gals in the future!

(L) Supernova, Mouse, Meteor Shower (R)

Supernova - This is a glitter polish consisting of small glitter and larger hexagonal pieces suspended in a clear base; the colors of the glitter are blue, red, green, orange, yellow and magenta. As you can see in the above swatch, there is a generous amount of glitter pieces per application! I love this one and have been waiting to find a great dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection. Now, I think I like this one more because unlike OPI’s orange based glitter, this includes more versatile colors that would match more base colors.
Mouse - This a taupe creme polish leaning toward grey. It is a sheerer finish than the other cremes so you have to either apply two heavy layers or three thin ones. Nonetheless, it has a great finish and love the color!
Meteor Shower - I have been waiting to get this one as it is such an original glitter! It is pieces or ‘shards’ of gold metallic plastic/foil/mylar suspended in a clear base. The pieces vary in size and this also gets a lot of glitter with two coats. You might have to play around with it and make sure the larger pieces don’t stick up, but nothing a topcoat won’t fix. This glitter is perfect for an all over glitter coat, and less as a gradient type of glitter. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool!

(L) Lipstick, Poppy, Port (R)

Lipstick - This a blue based red creme polish; I love this color on my skin tone! It is also the best formula out the entire line I purchased. Opaque in one coat, but I did two just in case.
Poppy - This is a bright orange/red creme color that highly leans towards orange but looks more red during the day time. The formula is also a bit sheerer than Lipstick but it’s opaque in two coats. I wasn’t sure about this color at first but looks beautiful on, can’t wait to do a manicure with this one!
Port - Port is a vampy red creme color leaning towards black. It is the sheerest finish out of all of the ones I purchased, and you might need three coats for an even manicure; the more layers the darker the color will get. I wish it was a bit more complex since right now it is so close to black.  I was excited about this one since I thought it would be close to OPI’s Skyfall, but it’s very different.  This was the one I was least impressed by.

(L) Hunter, Passport Blue (R)
Hunter -  Hunter is a dark dusty green (hints of blue) in a creme finish; it applies opaque in two coats. This color is dark but you can tell the color well, it doesn’t lean to black like Port does. Very pretty green!
Passport Blue - This is a dark dusty blue in a creme finish.  It’s darker than Hunter in hue but you can still tell it’s a dark blue and not a light black. Very rich color, will look great with Meteor Shower on top as a fall/holidays manicure.

Reader’s Recommendations: What do you think of these colors and have you tried American Apparel polishes yourself? Which one would you recommend me to get? Let me know your absolute favorite from the ones I purchased!

  • Annick

    The flakies are stunning! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that around! :)

  • Joanna

    all of them are such nice colors especially Port

  • Emily Lim

    OMG!!! Love the colors! I have never tried this brand of nail polishes but upon seeing it, I have decided to try it out even though that I am an Essie fan. I want to grab the passport blue.

    • Mackenzie M.

      You will love these! they are similar in formula, very easy to work with :) and yes I do love these colors, very sophisticated!

      Thanks for your comment xoxo

  • Jasmine Mascarenhas

    I absolutely love the bottles they’re so cute, I want them all aha!

    • Mackenzie M.

      Not going to lie, that was a big brownie point for me too lol they just look so good in multiples lol


    These look really nice, the shades are great! Loving that gold glitter one too.

  • naomi

    i’ve never tried these out before! i loveee how thin the bottles are.

    • Mackenzie M.

      How come no one’s thought of it right?? :)

  • Lauren Forse

    I LOVE the look of the Hunter colour. Amazing for Autumn!
    The Teapot Blog

    • Mackenzie M.

      Thanks for your comment! These comments gave me the idea to include it in our next giveaway so stay tuned :)

  • LauraMck

    Ooh these all look so nice, I’ve never tried American Apparel polishes xx

  • curls and bags

    Hi girls! Thx for following my blog and giving me your link on bbloggers chat. I really like the glitter nailpolishes! I’m following too now :)

    • Mackenzie M.

      I think we will def include a glitter polish in our giveaway so stay tuned! thank you for your sweet comment following you back!

  • Liyana Marie

    Oh they look gorgeous , love meteor shower and hunter !


    • Mackenzie M.

      hmm hunter is def a favorite I didn’t expect! you all are adventurous polish wearers! :) meteor shower is pretty cool too haha

      Stay pretty xo

  • NikkiJHogg

    These look great!! I had no idea American Apparel made nail polishes. Thank you for this post! I love the supernova one and hunter <3 so lovely. Great photos! xx

    CHiBi-CHiC a petite fashion blog

    • Mackenzie M.

      aww thank you! yes I bet those would look great layered :)

      Stay pretty xo

  • Bailey- I Know All the Words

    Hunter looks gorgeous for A/W. I so want to try their sheers too, I think I need to place an order now!

    • Mackenzie M.

      Yes I saw some tutorials using those sheers so cool! they would layer glitter underneath and make really intricate designs and easy ombres. Let me know how you like them if you end up getting them!

      Stay pretty xo

  • TheImperfectBeauty

    I love the glitter AA polishes! I dont have an AA near me…although that’s probably a good thing haha xx

    • Mackenzie M.

      We will have a giveaway soon and I’m thinking of getting the meteor shower for everyone, it’s so cool! so stay tuned you might just get one :p Glad you like it, they really are awesome

      Stay pretty xo

  • TheImperfectBeauty

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