Stila Convertible Color Cheek/Lip Stain ‘Peony’ Review

Mackenzie’s NotesStila Convertible Color Lip/Cheek in ‘Peony’

This Stila product was included in the Sephora favorites sampling kit ‘In the glow’ that i purchased a few days ago.  This has won the Best Cream Blush for In Style’s Best Beauty Buys for the past 7 years so I couldn’t wait to try it!  Out of all the other products, this was one that caught my eye and was very excited to try; I have never really tried any cream blushes and specifically any Stila products either.  I’m glad it came in the kit because I absolutely love this! It’s my warm toned go to blush right now and I can’t wait to gush over it with you guys! The full size product is .15 oz and retails for around $25 at a Sephora store and online.  It is marketed as a convertible color, to be used both on the cheeks and lips; I apply it with clean fingers, by tapping it on the apples of my cheeks and lips.

I have the deluxe sample size but I will buy this full size, I love it that much!
I apply it using my (clean) fingers, by dabbing the color onto the apples of my cheeks
Pros: The color is so beautiful and perfect for my skin tone! It is a nude darker peach color, that looks so natural.  Most other coral peach colors are too bright for my skin - they look unnatural and make my skin look muddier (if that makes any sense…like too bright of a lipstick on an extremely tan face). This cream is very pigmented (I wasn’t expecting it!) but not so pigmented that you can’t layer it or use it because it gives you clown face.  It’s easily blend able and sets quickly enough. The product lasts up to 8 hours even without being set with a powder of some kind, which is great for me, and fades away naturally after that.  As a note, Sephora carries several colors in this product and you can also get varying colors and shades depending on your skin.  This has the slightest playdo scent to it in the pan, but none when you’re applying or after.  It’s nice that this product has dual uses, it’s great for traveling and when you’re in a pinch; I carry this in my purse now, love it that much!
Cons: The one downside is the way the cream works as a lip cream.  Unfortunately I found the formula for lips too drying and it took me a lot of product (more than for the cheeks) to get a decent lip coverage. Strangely enough, the color also looked more nude/brown on the lips as opposed to the warm peach on my cheeks, and I didn’t really enjoy the color on my lips as much.
Grade: 5/5

(L) One swatch, Blended out swatch (R)
Such a pretty, natural color! Great for light/medium skin tones

 Reader’s Recommendations: Have you tried this particular product? What did you think? Do you have any other cream blushes you would recommend me? Would love to hear your thoughts and tips!

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    Hey I am @sophiepatty :) thanks for checking out my blog; and I love your blog so shall follow xx

  • Rosetheblogger

    Ooh have they changed their packaging?! Either way this looks lovely, especially on you - a perfect autumnal blush!

    If you have a spare couple of seconds, please check out my blog!

    • Mackenzie M.

      This is a sample size I received in my “In the glow” sephora kit, so that’s why it might look a bit different! and thank you for the compliments, I’ve been wearing it daily!

      Will check out your blog, thank you for stopping by :)

  • Jackie

    looks pretty good! might have to try it out sometime (:

    • Mackenzie M.

      thank you, I really love this little guy!

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    Thank you for stopping by on my blog and following, just following back :) It’s a great blush and your blog is lovely, looking forward ot more posts :)

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      Thank you :)

  • OPI Addict

    Looks great as a blush! :)
    I really love NARS Cactus Flower cream blush, it can look a bit scary/bright in the pan, but it’s really beautiful on the cheeks!

    • Mackenzie M.

      That is very pretty, thanks for letting me know! I looked up swatches and it looks so nice on the skin. The name is so pretty too lol

  • xtinebeauty

    That looks amazing on you!

    • Mackenzie M.

      That’s so sweet of you thank you! :)

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    Gorgeous shade. Looks amazing on you! xoxoxo