Pretty Random - Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Toilette

Miss Dior Eau de Toilette

While expensive, it’s always a good idea to invest in a great perfume.  I never understood people that have a “signature” scent because I think perfume should be used according to your routine, outing, or schedule.  For example, I’d have a “date signature scent,” “an office signature scent,” “a shopping-spree signature scent” … well, you get the point, you can’t really have a signature scent.

I recently purchased Miss Dior from Sephora.  I once owned the Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum and found the scent too be too powerful, as in, couldn’t breathe and felt like a perfume factory powerful.  I was excited to see the Eau de Toilette because Miss Dior Eau de Toilette has a subtle scent for “going to class signature scent” and “not bothering my coworkers signature scent.”

Beautiful yet simple packaging

Miss Dior scent is feminine and light so you won’t be emanating scents as you walk - which, to be fair, is a good thing.  Also, the light tones make the perfume sophisticated and elegant.  The stronger, base notes are the jasmine, patchouli, and vanilla. As the scent wears, you can smell the caramel. This perfume is perfect for all ages without being too mature (think compared to Chanel No. 5 or Miss Dior Eau de Parfum).  You can wear this anywhere and it translates well from day to evening, especially if you reapply.  PS: This is fiance-approved because it doesn’t smell like “grandma” or like a “mall” (his words, not mine).
Because the scent is light and demure, Miss Dior does not really last a long time. But I’d rather have to reapply mid-afternoon than be a walking perfumerie (is that even a word?). The issue with the scent not lasting is the price, the perfume is quite pricey so having to use more of it makes it run out faster. Also, I think the scent changes with certain lotions, so if applying to your wrist, be sure to wait a few minutes after applying lotion.

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

    We were smitten with the old Miss Dior Cherie, which was admittedly very gourmand-y and had a caramel popcorn note that was so delicious. They reformulated it a bit ago, and while all the SAs say that it’s the same fragrance, it’s just not!

    We miss the old MDC, but glad you’re digging this incarnation. And we LOVE the Natalie Portman ads!

    • Miranda M.

      it is very different you’re right! it doesn’t smell like the old one at all in my opinion, but I am still partial to this one :)

      As for the ads, they are amazingly awesome, makes me want to wear Dior even more

      Miranda M.

  • Jayne Becca

    Oo I’ve been after this perfume for a while! I think mainly because I love Natalie Portman! Xx

  • Mackenzie M.

    Thank you! Very cute blog yourself, love your photography and doing this with my sister has been so fun I hope same for you :)

    Stay pretty xo

  • blackberryfashion

    Amazing packaging :) I’m following you now :)