NOTD L’Oreal Colour Riche Polish - Walk on the Beach (300)

L’Oreal Colour Riche Polish - Walk on the Beach (300) - Nails of the Day
Left Hand pretty

Tomorrow, I have scheduled a meeting / lecture at the World Bank - how exciting! I always feel ready and more put together when my nails are done - I worry that undone nails look dirty or not kept well.  So I had to pick a color…and because my sister got her great pink-grey, fall OPI color (see it here!), I also chose a work appropriate grey color.

Quick note, when I bought this over summer break, I actually did my nails and we went to the beach.  I kept putting my hands in the sand, doing fancy hand moves, and narrating “walk on the beach” like in a commercial.  Needless to say, my sister got tired of that real fast but we still joke about it haha.

Miranda’s Notes:
Pros: L’Oreal has some great nail polishes. The texture is a bit runny but I actually enjoy it because it is easier to maneuver. First coat will look streaky and weird, but guaranteed that second coat will fix it all.  In the pictures, I am only wearing two coats and a clear coat on top. The round brush is a bit uncomfortable but you can get used to it.  The color is a grey beige with nude undertones, so this is not like a pinkish nude rather a grey nude.  Think Essie St. Tropez versus Essie Topless and Barefoot - this color is a cooler undertone that is similar to Essie St. Tropez. I chose this color because it looks professional without looking too boring aka a chic professional.
Cons: Takes a while to dry so make sure you do your manicure only if you have time on your hands (pun intended haha).  As with other neutral colors, make sure to swatch this color on your nails before purchasing  - people have various skin colors and tints so this nail polish may not look the same.
Grade: 5/5

Right Hand pretty
Walk on the Beach …during October
Stay Pretty, Miranda M.


  • Jess @UsedYorkCity

    Love this color! Neutral enough to go with any outfit, but gives a nice, polished look!

    • Miranda M.

      Yup! Thanks for the comment

      Love UsedYorkCity, my sis sure is enjoying her time in NYC.

      Stay pretty, Miranda M.