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Maybelline Baby Lips Quenched SPF 20
Maybelline Baby Lips Peach Kiss SF 20
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch
Maybelline Baby Lips Limited Edition Pink Wink
As you’ll see from my future posts, I am a lip balm addict.  I’m also obsessed with lipstick because it can make lips so beautiful, but my heart belongs to the balm.  As a full time student, I am always in class and always meeting with professors, so having a red matte lip or oxblood lip may not go over so well. So I own the lip balms and lip butters and lip moisturizers from all over…while each has their own merits, my favorite still is Maybelline Baby Lips.
Maybelline Baby Lips Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, Quenched (clear), and Maybelline Limited Edition Pink Wink
First off, let’s talk packaging.  I shamelessly confess that I’ve bought makeup just for the packaging even though the product may not be as good.  Here, I get great product and adorable packaging. I have it on my desk, in my purse, and all people see is a colorful little tube - it doesn’t look like lipstick packaging. Why make fun lip balms look like lipsticks…I never understood that PR move.
Pretty colors and packaging …and lots of moisture
I realize some bloggers hate or love this product and I really think it depends on what you want out of it. First off, I don’t like mint - it irritates my lips and gives them a weird tingling feeling (and during the winter, my mouth is freezing lol!). So a lot of balms are automatically out of the running for me - I love that most of the Baby Lips (except one) don’t have that minty feel. Second, I want a bit of color, but not too much color.  I’ve tried salves and other balms, but they just look like I slathered oil on my mouth.  On the other hand, other tinted balms are straight up lipsticks that fade, color creases, and all kinds of messes. Lastly, I prefer a lip balm with SPF - the Quenched Baby Lips is perfect under any other product so I appreciate the SPF. Again, a lot of balms fall in these categories. So, I want a lip balm that gives my lips a teensy amount of color, is not minty, keeps my lips dewy/moist, and is long lasting…enter Maybelline Baby Lips.

Creamy formula
Miranda’s Notes:
Pros: These balms are moisturizing, creamy, easy to apply, beautifully tinted, and long lasting (around 2 - 3 hours depending on what you do with your mouth haha).  Plus, the lip balm has SPF so if you don’t even like the colors, you should pick the Quenched clear SPF option.  Overall, the formula is not sticky or glossy like some balms out there.  These colors are the ones that work best with my skin tone.
Peach Kiss has glitter in it, but does not give that pearl, metallic look.  Actually, Peach Kiss is the most muted and works perfectly when you accent the eyes because it tones down the redness of your lips, giving you a nude lip color. The scent is wonderfully peach-like (of course) and for me, there is no after taste.
Pink Punch has the most pigment out of all the Baby Lips - it looks like a lipstick and you don’t really need to apply it that often because the tint remains - this one lasts around 3 to 4 hours.  To me, this scent is like bubble gum but as with the other products, the scent doesn’t last too long.
The Limited Edition Pink Wink (available at Walgreens) is my boyfriend’s favorite! He says it makes my lips look bigger and prettier - his words, not mine. So, ladies, if you ever needed a reason to purchase this one…hehe. This light pink is perfect for an everyday look and it is highly moisturizing at the same time.  I literally carry this everywhere I go.  The scent of this one is a fruity bubble gum which is delicious but it does not last long.
Cons: First, these balms have a scent associated with each.  I personally am fine with the scent and taste (as long as it’s not mint!), but some people may not like this *ahem* looking at my sister. Second, I find that in the long run, your lips get dried out if you don’t apply the balm. The lip condition is definitely improved with no flaking, softness, and moisture, but if you don’t apply anything it feels dry as if you need to drink water …hmm not sure if I’m explaining this correctly. Either way, I always use balm on my lips so I don’t really think about it.
Grade: 5/5
Swatches Maybelline Baby Lips



  • Bree TheUrbanUmbrella

    ooo I so want pink wink now, I want bigger prettier lips lol I hope its available here… 😐

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  • Chrisamor Beauty

    I know what you mean about the feelign when you’re not using these balms. I dont know what’s in it that causes that, but after they were off your lips are good for a while, then it feels like your in the Sahara desert moments later. I really like the minty one though, mint lip balms are just my thing. I was scared to try out the colours in case they werent as moisturising. But I will definitely get one now!


    Love these, i just reviewed them myself!
    Lovely blog, check out mine sometime if you want :))

    • Mackenzie M.

      great, on my way over right now!

      Thanks for stopping by and stay pretty xo

  • Mackenzie M.

    hmm those do look pretty great! You know I wasn’t a believer but nice swatches haha seems like a great formula, just the really balmy packaging was throwing me off. The Pink Wink looks so cute, might have to go buy and try that one!

    • Miranda M.

      You should add your notes, Mackenzie get it, Mackenzie’s Notes…just because you may have a different perspective. :) Thanks, this post took me a long time, but long overdue.