Let’s Talk Brushes! Miranda’s Brushes

Eco Tools, Forever 21 Brush Set and Essence of Beauty Travel Brush Makeup Kit (can be purchased here/CVS)
Using a mason jar as my brush holder for extra added pretty
No shedding on any of these brushes
What’s good makeup worth lots of money when you don’t have the brushes to apply it? Thankfully, we don’t have to splurge as much on the brushes. I really don’t like how brushes are sealed and you can’t feel the texture…so I had to perfect the craft of finding the “ones.”
Eco Tools Brush: I use this as my powder brush or just setting with a mineral veil.  It is soft, sturdy, and no hairs come out of it. I used to have a problem when I applied powder that there was way too much and I looked a la Marie Antoinette powdered face (but not in a good way).  This brush holds on to product and spreads evenly.  It’s perfect!
Essence of Beauty Eye Brushes: I don’t exactly like the idea of double headed brushes because it’s always such a headache. But, these brushes were a deal - there’s lots of options from blending, crease brush, highlighting, angled, and foundation brush.  I do wish the eyeliner wand smudger was made out of sponge and not that hard plastic.
Bonus Sephora Eyebrow Brush: So, many of you Sephora addicts will recognize the last brush as a sample mascara brush. Well…I always take one or two whenever I’m there and use this as an eyebrow brush. I curve it according to my brow, and after I apply powder/pencil to my eyebrow, I run this little brush over to smooth out everything.  I recommend it, plus…it’s free.
Brush is full of soft hair
Dual head - make sure to keep both sides sanitary and clean
Forever 21 Rose Brushes

I bough these brushes a couple of months ago for under $10 from Forever 21 (not listed on the website anymore).  First, I couldn’t resist the packaging - it’s pink, there is a holder for each and (not visible in pictures) there is a flap that covers the top part to keep the brushes clean.  The holder is also perfect for traveling because it rolls up. My favorite brush here is the angled brush.  It’s perfect for adding that rosy cheek and putting just enough color without overdoing it.  I use the bigger brush for mineral veil or just to set my foundation. Lastly, because I love mineral makeup, I use the other brushes to apply crumpled eye shadows because not as much product flakes off. So you don’t have to buy expensive brushes to apply makeup.  Some brushes, like blending eye shadow brush or mineral powder kabuki brush may be worth the money because of their function, but do not overspend on unnecessary things.   I’d rather spend that extra money on makeup goodies…. Keep your brushes clean, replace them often (you can afford to!), and work them in your routine.

Great for mineral makeup due to a harder texture
Soft, full texture and pretty packaging


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05863024187605773640 Tamaras Blend

    You have a quite nice collection!
    Ps. I love your header photo!


    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01096905878778239160 Miranda M.

      Thanks! All in all..wasn’t over 30$ haha Stay pretty Miranda M.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03361651012356334616 Mackenzie M.

    I love that last picture has a Marie Antoinette vibe to it! Very cute set I wish I would have gotten it when I had the chance eek!

    Stay pretty xo