Essie Waltz , Essie Set in Stone …Overall Essie Love

NOTD Essie Waltz and Essie Set in Stone

White and…
Glitter. No better combo :) 

Another day of class/procrastination, means another day of doing my nails.  Because of my Tuesday World Bank event, I missed a class and had it recorded. So that meant that I would  have to sit still for 2 hours and listen to my computer to a virtual lecture - clearly, that meant nails time.

My boyfriend and I will be going out this weekend and I wanted something more glam, yet natural.  I really like the beiges, pinks, peaches look with just a bit of a twist.

Add Essie Waltz under Essie Set in Stone for added depth 

Miranda’s Notes: I have a ton of Essie polishes and I wear them often - some are more durable than others, some apply better than others, and some have different formula than others. So as a heads up, knowing that this varies, I’ll focus more on the color and application.

Pros: 1. Essie Set in Stone is wonderfully glitzy.  It is not the technicolor kind and it’s actually silvery with different shapes. You can’t go wrong with this one because it lasts a long time, it shimmers all around, and you can layer it depending on how much glitter you want (obviously, I wanted a lot).

2. Essie Waltz is one of my favorites white colors.  I think it’s cool enough to pass even during the fall and winter.  The formula is runny, thin, and you will need several coats - I have 3 coats in the photos.  I like that it doesn’t look chalky as if you just put white-out on your nails…you know you’ve done it in the past haha. Don’t be fooled by the pink tint in the photos due to the lighting - my nails are actually white as in the bottle.

Cons: 1. Essie Set in Stone is going to be difficult to remove…I know it because it’s glitter, but it’s worth it. 2. Essie Waltz is streaky so be sure to apply more than two coats.

Grade: 4.5/5 (for both)

  • ashleymarie


  • Hemingway and Handbags

    Love this idea! So pretty and feminine!


    • Miranda M.

      Thank you both. I’ll watch your blog and twitter for any new nail ideas…i’m obsessed haha Stay pretty!

  • Keyti Villanueva

    i adore this !
    this is so pretty .

    • Miranda M.

      Thanks Keyti

      Miranda M.

  • Mackenzie M.

    I love them! Cute dude I didn’t know you bought the silver Essie! You know I was pushing for the rose gold “A cut Above” tsk tsk but it looks really cute and I guess silver is so versatile

    Stay pretty xo

    • Miranda M.

      Haha thanks …finally!!

      Stay pretty too (hehe)