Influenster Naturals VoxBox 2012

Miranda’s Notes: I was excited to be selected as a recipient of the Influenster Naturals VoxBox!  Through ‘green’ beauty, you can include some all natural products in your beauty regimen.  I use several Origins products and was looking forward to try out other green goodies.     

Miranda’s Notes: E Boost Daily Health Booster

Pros: This flavored powder was packed full of vitamins.  The taste was very organge-y and fizzy. It came quite in handy, having just had a cold.
Cons: The drink tasted a bit like medicine, but that may have been my stubborn attempt at only filling a glass halfway in an effort not to get my tummy full.  
Grade: 4/5

Miranda’s Notes: Nectreese Natural Sweetener
Pros: This natural sweeter comes from a fruit, so none of those nasty chemicals.  The taste was delicious and very…sweet.
Cons: Wish I had more packets…
Grade: 5/5

Miranda’s Notes: Clean Well All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipe
Pros: This sanitizing wipe smelled wonderfully lemony.  It wasn’t dripping with liquid and the wipe was soft.
Cons: I wish the napkin was a bit larger.
Grade: 5/5

Mackenzie’s Notes: Lypsyl Lyp Moisturizer 
Pros: I love this balm! I enjoy the packaging (slider makes it easy to get product out) and it feels amazing on the lips: not greasy or waxy.  My boyfriend loves it also because it is not shiny or glossy, so I definitely recommend it for a guy too. The menthol flavor disappears after 2 minutes and it’s not too intense; the balm doesn’t taste ‘soapy’ either.  Some notable ingredients are coconut oil, Shea butter and vitamins A and E. 
Cons: Wish there was more product! (.10 oz)
Grade: 5/5  

Miranda’s Notes: Lypsyl  Lyp Moisturizer 

Pros: The balm was soft on the lips, definitely moisturizing. 
Cons: Oh no, the mint flavor…it always seems to hurt my lips.  But this may just be my sensitivity to all-menthol items. 
Grade: 3/5


Miranda’s Notes: Dessert Essence Coconut Hair Lotion
Pros: You like moisturizing lotions? about moisturizing lotions for your hair? This is a wonderful product, especially for the upcoming cold weather. My hair is very fine, gets greasy fast, frizzy, and static-y…sounds beautiful, I know.  The Dessert Essence has a soft smell, tames hair, and makes hair shiny.
Cons: Be careful how much you apply, do not over-do it or else hair gets matted.
Grade: 5/5


Miranda’s Notes: Geodeo Natural Deodorant
Pros: This is a natural deodorant that is supposed to provide 24 hour protection.  The smell is wonderful, it applies easily, and there are no white marks after application.
Cons: Not for the heavy-duty, sweat non-stop days/workouts.  It works in that it blocks odor but you still feel as if you are sweating.  I wore this on an ordinary day and it worked very well; however, during the weekend, when I went around town running errands, I ended up sweating (neooh!).
Grade: 3/5