Great Lash Maybelline Clear Mascara - Brow Gel

Great Lash Maybelline Clear Gel for Eyebrows and Eyelashes 

Mackenzie’s Notes: Great Lash Maybelline Clear Mascara
Pros: I purchased this gel for my eyebrows since I have full eyebrows and by the end of the day they are unruly and all over the place; this was the most affordable I could find (approximately $5.99) at my drugstore, because I’d rather invest in some awesome eyeshadow or blush instead.  I comb this product through my eyebrows after I put on an eyebrow pencil underneath, and it definitely makes everything look nice and have a shape.  The gel doesn’t dry hard or waxy, it pretty much just feels like your normal eyebrow hairs.
Cons: Unfortunately it doesn’t last too long for me..I put it on at 7 am and by 3 pm my eyebrows are all over the place.   I almost wish this was waxier or heavier duty. Also, be careful when you put it on, I always have to remove excess product that comes out of the tube.
Grade: 2.5/5

wand is relatively small, good size for eyebrows

Miranda’s Notes: Great Lash Maybelline Clear
Pros: I have fine eyebrows that end up all over the place because I wear bangs and constantly touch my forehead.  I used to use clear lip gloss just to set my eyebrows but that, understandably, turned into a sticky disaster.  This gel does not flake, does not really dry, but it grooms the eyebrows, sets the shape, and gives definition.  I know my sister doesn’t really like this eyebrow gel, but I find that by the end of the day my eyebrows still look clean and shaped correctly. 
Cons: You have to wipe the wand in a tissue because there is too much product and will be clumpy. 
Grade: 3.5/5

Reader Recommendations: Since we have still not found that perfect eyebrow gel, that looks like it’s not really there, let us know in the comments if you have any recommendations!