Cover Girl Lip Slicks

Cover Girl Lip Slicks Review and Swatches

These are my go to lip product and I just had to share it with you! I don’t see much hype about these products on YouTube or on blogs, and that’s maybe because they have been out for a decade or so lol.  But I tried Demure first and my collection grew over time. They also have three or so other colors, but these are the ones I thought I’d wear most.

Mackenzie’s Notes: 
Pros: I loved the formula, color, moisturizing quality and the ease of application. I can put this on while riding the subway without a mirror and I will not look like a hot mess. They have a slightly glossy finish, and that means no need for additional lip-gloss on top of lipstick.  I’m not a ‘very shiny sticky hard core’ lip gloss kind of gal, and these give the perfect ‘natural’ gloss to my lips.  Also, when my lipstick gets messed up, it’s quite obvious, but these lip slicks fade away naturally, without looking horrid right before.  The colors I have all have different color profiles and finishes and I will expand upon that, but my favorites are Cutie (peachy gold tone) and Daring (red toned). The packaging is simple and nice (the product swivels up) and there is enough product to last you for a while.
Cons: I wish they would last longer! They last about 1 hour on me; but I love the way they make my lips feel and I actually enjoy putting them on often. Also there is no residue left so you can easily reapply.
Grade: 5/5

(L) Daring, Hipster, Cutie, Demure (R)


(L) Daring, Hipster, Cutie, Demure (R)

Miranda’s Notes: 
Pros: I’m a lip balm junkie and while I love lipsticks now and then, lip balms are perfect for everyday, even under lipsticks! I also have thin lips so I have to be careful about choosing lipsticks that make my lips even smaller.  With that said, these lip slicks haven’t been around for no reason, they’re oldies…but goodies.  They provide great moisture, keep lips soft and shiny, and give that beautiful color.  If you’re going for the angelic, demure Disney-princess look, these lip slicks are it. 
Cons: Do not last as long but reapplying takes a few seconds. 
Grade: 5/5 

(L) Daring, Hipster, Cutie, Demure (R)
(L) Daring, Hipster, Cutie, Demure (R)


It has a milky pink/lavender tone to it. Gorgeous when layered too!


It is a peachy color with gold luster finish. It fits warm tones beautifully.


This is a raisin color with almost unnoticeable gold shimmer lustre.
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    beautiful swatches and post, ty!! I currently have Cutie and love it, but I will also buy Daring asap. I love CG LipSlicks as well, they’re low-maintenance (no mirror required) & moisturize wonderfully - I absolutely don’t mind constant reapplication :)