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Halloween Makeup: Day of the Dead (Modern Take)

Mackenzie’s Notes
Here’s my makeup and costume ideas for a modern take on a Halloween Day of the Dead look! Since this is a trial for my Halloween look, I wanted to try a more wearable look, without any white face paint, and drawn in teeth and nose. I will hopefully put up a different look, and one for guys soon too! I had so much fun doing this, I hope you enjoy it and try it yourself; it took about 10 minutes.  I will list all products I used, and I will have a separate post on how to make the ‘rose’ headband. Thanks for checking it out!
Reader’s Recommendations: Would you like to see a tutorial on this look? Would you like to see any other looks for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!
Products Used:
Eyes: Fantasy Makers Wicked Look, Vixen (kit)
          Elf Everyday Eye Palette - light taupe glittery shadow
          Wet n Wild Kohl Eyeliner, and Liquid Eyeliner in Black
          L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lash Mascara in Black
          Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil and Eyebrow Gel
Face: Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation
          Wet n Wild Berry Shimmer Blush, Vixen Eyeshadow (red and black)
           Physicians formula Mineral Pearl Translucent Highlight
Lips: Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Vixen Lipstick, black and red eyeshadow
Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.



‘Rose’ Headpiece Tutorial: Day of the Dead Costume

Mackenzie’s Notes: I didn’t have any fake or real flowers laying around the house, and since I think that some roses are important to the whole look, I used about 2 feet of red glittery wired ribbon. I twisted the ribbon around in three sections until it looked like three roses. You can play around with it, but you don’t need to strive for highly realistic roses. I used three pins to pin it to my hair (one for each rosette).  That’s all you need since it’s very light and won’t fall off! Tuck the wiry ribbon ends under your braids. 
It’s easy, light, wearable and cute (glitter’s a plus)! You can try and make rosettes out of other colors and out of longer ribbon pieces - this way you’ll have a fuller head piece, depending on what you want.
 I was practicing, but you could try a straighter middle part and neater braids

I used a Martha Steward wired glitter ribbon from Kmart

I used 3 pins to attach the headpiece to my hair; try and tuck them under your hair!


Halloween: Fantasy Makers Wicked Look, Vixen

I ran across this Halloween Fantasy Makers makeup kit over the weekend at Rite Aid; it was $4.99 and I decided to try it out since I love Wet n Wild products, and this ‘Fantasy Makers’ makeup is from the creators of Wet n Wild. I like investing in Halloween-y things that I can reuse in my routine so this was a good investment.  For my Halloween costume I will try out a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull makeup look, and red and black would be my main color scheme.
Mackenzie’s Notes: 
The eyelashes included are black, wispy and have red tinsel towards the ends; they are also self-adhesive and I will let you know how those held up on Halloween day. The red nail polish is a bright red, very pretty bright red and opaque formula. The lipstick was surprisingly moisturizing, and also a bright cherry red that felt comfortable on the lips.  I’ve used their long lasting lipsticks before that are drier and more opaque, so if that’s what you’re after I’d invest in a bright red from that line (also very affordable). On a last note, packaging was nice because the model on the product gave a good idea of a makeup look, so that was nice!
Reader’s Recommendations: Have you tried any other Halloween makeup kits? I’m also still on the look out for a red cream base so let me know if you have any ideas! I tried the lipstick as a red base but it creased immediately lol.
Check out my cute spiders! Cut out of Origami Black paper
Great Pigmentation!



Great Lash Maybelline Clear Mascara - Brow Gel

Great Lash Maybelline Clear Gel for Eyebrows and Eyelashes 

Mackenzie’s Notes: Great Lash Maybelline Clear Mascara
Pros: I purchased this gel for my eyebrows since I have full eyebrows and by the end of the day they are unruly and all over the place; this was the most affordable I could find (approximately $5.99) at my drugstore, because I’d rather invest in some awesome eyeshadow or blush instead.  I comb this product through my eyebrows after I put on an eyebrow pencil underneath, and it definitely makes everything look nice and have a shape.  The gel doesn’t dry hard or waxy, it pretty much just feels like your normal eyebrow hairs.
Cons: Unfortunately it doesn’t last too long for me..I put it on at 7 am and by 3 pm my eyebrows are all over the place.   I almost wish this was waxier or heavier duty. Also, be careful when you put it on, I always have to remove excess product that comes out of the tube.
Grade: 2.5/5

wand is relatively small, good size for eyebrows

Miranda’s Notes: Great Lash Maybelline Clear
Pros: I have fine eyebrows that end up all over the place because I wear bangs and constantly touch my forehead.  I used to use clear lip gloss just to set my eyebrows but that, understandably, turned into a sticky disaster.  This gel does not flake, does not really dry, but it grooms the eyebrows, sets the shape, and gives definition.  I know my sister doesn’t really like this eyebrow gel, but I find that by the end of the day my eyebrows still look clean and shaped correctly. 
Cons: You have to wipe the wand in a tissue because there is too much product and will be clumpy. 
Grade: 3.5/5

Reader Recommendations: Since we have still not found that perfect eyebrow gel, that looks like it’s not really there, let us know in the comments if you have any recommendations!